The Audio Guy: Professional Sound System Services

The Audio Guy has set up sound systems at many venues, including:

  • Menlo Circus Club
  • St. Francis Yacht Club
  • Fort Mason
  • St. Philip's Church
  • Hyatt Burlingame
  • Santa Clara Convention Center
  • Sheraton Palace, San Francisco
  • History Park, San Jose
  • City of Sausalito
  • Google Outside Fields

The Audio Guy furnishes audio rentals and tech-operated sound systems:

  • Sound Systems: Mini 50 – 100 people, Small 100 – 150, Medium 150 – 200, Large 250 – 1000
  • Mixers, Power Amplifiers, Speakers: Powered or Non-Powered Subwoofers
  • Microphones: Wired, Wireless, Lapel, Head-Worn, Handheld
  • And More: Stands, Snakes, Direct Boxes, Cables (Mic, Speaker, Power), Quad Boxes, Phone/Laptop Adaptors, EQs, Compressors, CD Player/Recorders, Effects Units, Video Projectors, Screens, Stage Lights, Audio Interfaces, and Bluetooth Receivers.
The Audio Guy

Please contact Guy for prices: